Fight for Our Businesses So They Can Create Jobs

I know what it takes to grow businesses and create jobs. I’ve taken risks and built businesses, some succeeding and other not, and along the way learned what it takes to build a successful small business. As a Board Member I will use this experience to work with the Grundy County Economic Development Council (GEDC) to promote our wonderful county, support our businesses, and create more and better jobs for our hard-working residents. I will work to expand educational programs and promote internships to help give our children practical knowledge that will help them in their careers and hopefully encourage them to settle down back home once they graduate college. As Cook County attacks our businesses in search of revenue regardless of how many jobs it costs, we must fight for our businesses. I’m a fighter and I will stand next to our businesses and fight with them as they drive Grundy County’s economy forward.

Continue to Cut Spending So We Can Reduce Taxes

Grundy County finally has a fiscally-responsible majority that is working diligently to recover from the reckless spending of the past. I agree with the Board’s decision to cut taxes, reduce Board Members’ “Cadillac” health benefits and perks, and hold the line on spending. I will be a strong voice on behalf of already over-taxed Grundy County taxpayers. I will fight to cut spending so that we can continue to reduce the tax burden on our residents and businesses. As a business owner who knows how to manage a budget, I understand that we need to balance our budget by tightening our belt during these difficult economic times. We need to streamline operations and reduce the number of committees to further save money. My guiding principle will be an understanding that when government spends money, it is spending YOUR money, and we must spend it wisely and efficiently.

Institute Transparency So We Are Fully Accountable to the Public

It is disheartening to see Chicago-style scandals and mismanagement of the public’s funds here in Grundy County. Between the County Clerks’ $500,000 slush fund used for bonuses and the Health Department giving each other illegal under-the-table raises, we are seeing the need for more transparency in our county. We need to “let the sunshine in.” First, we need to institute additional oversight and checks and balances at the Board level to keep these things from happening again. Then, we need to be more accountable to the people we serve by being 100% open and transparent. I propose we do this by posting our check register online so that the public can see how every penny of their money is spent. I also believe we should be posting videos of our Board Meetings online so that the public may follow along if they are unable to attend. The more accountable we are to the people we serve, the better run this County will be.