Economic Stability

Grundy County is a fantastic place to raise a family. There is a balance of urban and rural communities that work together harmoniously. The Grundy County Board created a balanced budget thanks to the current Board members. Two of those members, Chairman Ron Severson and Chris Balkema, who voted to keep the budget balanced will not be returning due to their seeking higher office. I would like to replace one of those vacancies. Balancing the budget without raising taxes, thereby keeping economic stability, is vital to personal and economic growth.

Business and Job Growth

Grundy County is perfectly located in Illinois. We have I80 running across the North, I55 cutting diagonally toward the South and Rt. 47 cutting North to South right down the middle. The Brisbin interchange is an ideal location for business. Business leads to jobs, income tax, business income tax, sales tax and property tax which all contribute to paying for the governmental services we appreciate. I will work to continue to encourage businesses to locate and grow here in Grundy County.


The term seems to be tossed around a little too freely in today’s political atmosphere. The minutes of the meetings are posted on the website, and Board Member David Welter streams the meetings live. These are a major steps from a few years ago. However, a few things are missing. I would like to see a shorter wait time in between the date of the meeting and the posting of those minutes. I would like to see exactly where each of my hard-earned tax dollars is being spent or not spent. Each dollar the county spends comes from you and me.